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  Changsha JianYi New Material Co., LTD is located in the National Economic and Technical Development Zone in Ningxiang, Changsha, Hunan Province. Since its foundation in 2008 ,the company has invested 120 million yuan to build a modern workshop of 12000 ㎡, with 26 advanced production lines. The main products are long fiber needle punchhed non-woven geotextile, short fiber needle punched non-woven geotextile, HDPE/LDPE/PVC geomembrane, compound geomembrane, tri-dimension composite geonet for drainage,GCL(geosynthetic clay layer), prestressed bellows, soft water pipe,etc. At present, Jianyi becomes the biggest base of geotextile materials in south China, with the most complete varieties .

  In 2009 ,Jianyi got a professional Engineering Contracting Qualification and Safety Production License by the building authorities . There is a professional construction team in our company, formed by 50 chartered builders.It’s equipped with 30 sets of imported geomembrane welding equipment and weld testing equipment. Professional team, advanced technology and high quality products make our company cover a wide range of important infrastructure construction projects, such as landfill, slag landfill life, sewage treatment plant, highways, railways and so on.

  Our company has built long-term technical cooperation with famous experts and scientific research institutions and supplied new products to meet the needs of customers and market all the time. The philosophy of our management is " Customer supreme, Reputation first ". We wish to create a better future with the vast number of customers hand in hand!

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