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  Woven geotextiles are polypropylene, C b-fiber ribbonfil as raw material, by at least two sets of parallel yarn (or flat), a group of longitudinal (along the loom fabric direction of travel) called warp, another group of transverse arrangement called weft. With different weave weaving equipment and process of warp and weft intertwined woven into cloth shape, can according to the different scope of use woven into different thickness and density, generally woven geotextile thin vertical has very strong (tensile strength greater than latitude longitude), has a very good stability performance.


  Specifications and parameters:

  序号 项目 指标

  The serial number of project indicators

  20-15 30-22 40-28 50-35 60-42 80-56 100-70

  20-15 30-22 40-28 50-35 60-42 80-56 100-70

  1 经向断裂强力,KN/m 20 30 40 50 60 80 100

  1 warp breaking strength, KN/m 203040506080100

  2 维向断裂强力,KN/m 15 22 28 35 42 56 70

  2 dimensional breaking strength, KN/m 15222835425670

  3 经纬向断裂伸长率, %≤ 28

  3 warp elongation,% less than or equal to 28

  4 梯形撕破强力(纵向), KN≥ 0.3 0.45 0.5 0.6 0.75 1.0 1.2

  4 trapezoid tearing strength (vertical), KN = 0.3 0.45 0.5 0.6 0.75 1 1.2

  5 顶破强力,KN ≥ 1.6 2.4 3.2 4.0 4.8 6.0 7.5

  5 the bursting strength, KN = 1.6 2.4 3.2 4 4.8 6 7.5

  6 垂直渗透系数,cm/s 10-1-10-4

  6 vertical permeability coefficient, cm/s 10-1-10-4

  7 等效孔径O95 ,mm 0.08-0.5

  7 equivalent aperture of O95, mm 0.08-0.5

  8 单位面积质量,g/㎡ 120 160 200 240 280 340 400

  Quality area of 8 units g/ square meters, 120160200240280340 400

  允许偏差值 ±10

  Allowable deviation of plus or minus 10

  9 抗紫外线强力保持率1),%≥ 按照设计或合同要求

  9 anti ultraviolet strength retention rate 1), in accordance with the requirements of design or contract% >


  The properties of the product:


  1, reinforcement effect: for road, railway, airport, dam, breakwater, retaining wall backfill and rock engineering such as slope, soil stress increase soil element dispersion modulus, limit soil piece slip, improve stability.


  2, protection: it can prevent banks from the wind, wave, tide, rain erosion, and used for the revetment, slope protection, bottom protection, prevent soil erosion.


  3, filtrate: filtering layer for embankment, dam, river and coastal stone, slope, retaining wall, prevent sand grains through, while allowing free water or air through.


  Installation and construction matters needing attention:


  1, geotextile can only use geotextile knife for cutting (hook), such as cutting in the field, on other materials shall take special protective measures to prevent due to cutting of geotextile and its cause unnecessary damage;


  2, the laying of the geotextile and at the same time, we must take all necessary measures to prevent damage to the bottom layer material;


  3, in the laying of the geotextile, must pay attention not to let the stone, below a lot of dust or moisture may damage the geotextile, likely blocked drains or filters, or may bring difficulty to the next connection material into the geotextile or geotextile;


  4, after installation of all the geotextile surface was visually to identify all damage to the landlord, mark and repair, identify the laying surface without can cause foreign material damage, such as broken needle and other foreign bodies;


  5, geotextile connection must comply with the following provisions: under normal circumstances, the slope surface can not have horizontal connection (connection must be along the slope contour rather than intersecting), except for the repairs.


  6, such as the use of suture, suture line will be adopted and geotextile materials are the same or more than material, suture line must be chemical resistant ultraviolet to. Suture and geotextile has obvious color difference, in order to check.


  7, installation of suture pay special attention to ensure that no dirt or gravel in the cover layer of gravel into the geotextile intermediate.